The Case

Must Win Battles 2021 was a strategic intiative from Sentias top management to define stabilize and consolidate the danish devision after a series of buy and build acquisitions since 2016. The program consisted og 7 value streams within roles, delivery, sales, systems, communication, consulting and consolidation. Our task was to lead the program and build the tools to get the job done.


• Program Management
• Project Management
• Stakeholder Management
• Business Analysis
• UI/UX Design
• Prototyping
• System architecture

The client

Sentia is a leading cloud service provider with strong hybrid cloud competencies with offices across Denmark. They improve collaboration between organizations, people and technologies by transforming, controlling and optimizing IT environments.

Sentia’s aim is to support any organization and solve their most complex technology challenges and help companies gain a competitive advantage.

The solution

MicroSoft VBA PPM Tool (FlashReport)
PPT STC Reporting suite

Project & Program Management tool

With seven distinct value streams encompassing roles, delivery, sales, systems, communication, consulting, and consolidation, the challenge was to ensure seamless collaboration and coordination across these tracks. Efficient program and project management were essential to keep everything on track. To tackle this challenge, we devised a comprehensive Program and Project Management tool. The solution consisted of an intuitive overview dashboard that aggregated real-time data from each of the seven project tracks. Each project manager utilized individual solutions to input updates, tasks, milestones, risks, dependencies, budgets, resources, and points for decision-making. The system streamlined data compilation, making it easier to summarize and display the status of the entire program. Cross-functional teams could access vital information, enhancing decision-making and ensuring alignment with the overarching goals. Discover how our innovative VBA solutions can propel your business to new heights. Contact us today to learn more about how we can tailor our tools to your specific needs. Let us help you streamline your success and achieve your strategic objectives.

PPT Reporting Suite

We pride ourselves on empowering businesses with innovative solutions. As part of our collaboration with Sentia Denmark on their Must Win Battles 2021 initiative, we crafted a cutting-edge Dynamic PowerPoint Template designed to transform raw project data into captivating presentations.

Our Dynamic PowerPoint Template seamlessly integrates with Sentia's Excel VBA solution, extracting real-time data from each project track. The template automatically collates and organizes the information, saving time and effort while ensuring the utmost accuracy. Data-driven presentations need not be dull or overwhelming. With our template, each data point springs to life through visually engaging charts, graphs, and infographics. Transforming complex information into easily digestible visuals, the template empowers presenters to captivate audiences effortlessly.

Managing Consultant
Rune Gregersen